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Women's Para Hockey of Canada is working hard to create and share resources that can help individual athletes learn para hockey skills from home. Click through the videos below to watch videos highlighting a variety of para specific skills!


Para Ice Hockey Coaching Resource


SportAbility’s open access Para-Ice Hockey guide is to empower sledge hockey coaches, facilitators, and athletes with general information, along with a set of individual skills based drills, and team/program based drills that can be modified and used to deliver Para Ice Hockey in a fun and social environment.


The Para Ice Hockey Coaching resource is available for download here.

This  initiative was made possible through funding from ViaSport and the Government of British Columbia.

Created by Staff at SportAbility

With special thanks to Women’s Para Hockey Canada coaches:
Tara Chisholm and Derek Whitson, for the major content contributions.

Written by: Tara Chisholm, Derek Whitson, Peggy Assinck, & Jade Werger
Designed by: Stephanie Oey

Have a sledge hockey resource you'd like to share with us?

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