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Women's Sledge Hockey of Canada acknowledges the importance of having strong role models in the sledge hockey community. We encourage our current and past national team members to get involved in their communities and help grow the sport of sledge hockey. Here's how some of our Team Canada athletes are making an impact.

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Peggy supports the "learn to sledge" program through the City of Vancouver. This program runs out of Hilcrest Community Centre from October-March on Fridays from 5:15-6:30pm and is geared towards either young athletes (with or without disabilities) who are interested in developing their skills in a fun sledge hockey environment and people new to trying sledge hockey of any age or ability level. 

She also supports the "Intermediate sledge hockey program" through the City of Vancouver. This program runs out of Hilcrest Community Centre from October- March on Fridays from 6:30-7:45pm and is geared towards adults (>16 years of age) of any ability level who are interested in scrimmaging in a fun and non-competitive environment.

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Christina Picton has partnered up with the City of Port Colborne to offer a "Learn to Sledge" program, the first of it's kind in the Niagara Region. It began in the fall of 2015 and has seen roughly 30 participants on the ice in the 3, 10 week sessions that have been hosted at the Vale Health & Wellness Centre. The program focuses on the beginner skills of skating and sled control, handling the puck, passing and shooting and leads up to utilizing these skills in fun games and scrimmages. The program is open to all ages and ability levels and encourages a positive, fun atmosphere. This program highlights the opportunity to learn from elite level athletes Christina Picton, captain of the Women's National Team. Jessie Gregory, Women's National Team goaltender, is lending her talents to teach goalie basics which is new to the program this year. Visit to learn more!

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The Children's Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent provides the opportunity for children and teens to be apart of a team. The sledge hockey program has been going strong since 1999 and has a famous trio who have graduated from the program: Derek Whitson, Ashley Goure, and Brendan Blanchard.
Ashley, who plays for the women's national team, has been coaching the CTC Blades for the past 4 years. "It is an amazing opportunity to share my passion of the sport to others. I cannot believe how fast some of the kids catch on and I feel proud when I see how far they have come over the season and years!"
The CTC Blades is currently a recreational team but hopes to one day become a competitive team. If you would like more information, please contact Ashley at

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